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Yahoo Is Closing Its 'Blog Function

So Here is six years worth...

Entry for November 20, 2005
There is silly idealism that many adhere to amung Billy Jack Dial fans--wich is encouragment to follow the laws of the government of wich one resides. Seemingly creating a belief that one should be subserviant towards government. Do Jews not understand our Great Infadelic Deist Nation and its Natural Law/Rights? I understand that in other parts of tha world individuals await the next direction from authoratarian institutions like government but what about us? We are autonomous individuals governed by our own conscience. The constitution of this Republic is the Law Of The Land NOT government... Jews care to comment?

Entry for December 05, 2005
Individuals seek revelation in natural disasters as Hurricane Katrina inspired many to state will of god or divine retribution. As if his creation wasnt enough. The universe is created by God and hurricanes have been programmed in its complexity into the natural order of it all. If the hurricane causes little damage then its not good enough to describe as will of god or retribution. Deists --had more so then Protestants-- in tha past realised that the crazed imaginations of clergy may substitute for fear and awe of God. However a deeper appreciation of his handiwork can inspire correctley. When man sees revealed religion as more man then God. He can occupy his thinking with a more godly out-look wich is found in appreciation of his creation, (us and the world around us). Thanks to our infadelic western heretige we have refused kings. Liberty will not be fully asserted if we dont refuse clergy as well. "Priestcraft" is a phrase Thomas Paine used to define the way clergy wiles the masses. In Judaism there is attention paid to its daughter religions and little ascribed to Deism. Deism that great mono-theism that has made sage after sage.

A Poem regarding cats

Oh Kitty

Furry animals of love
Kiss on kitty head
Pet its neck and under its jaw
Puuring heavy as i molest
Then kitty rubs its head all over
Posing with tail

A further reflection....

I find your sounds to be the utmost in conversation.
I wonder why God made such a amorous creature.

A quote from Jesse Jackson...

Ode to Civil Rights:

From Newsweek June 27 1977
"The judge can get you into law school, the judge can get you into medical school"


Entry for October 21, 2006

Barak Oboma Political Hype

Hope for the orphan,widow and immigrant
Heeding the call of the motherland
Traditional black socialism
With your civil rights god
Government can help
Passed 26 bills first year in office
"And quoting Benjamin Franklin, "He was useful as not rich""
"Heres a way we can have a better democracy"
"Were lacking a sense of national purpose"
"How can we disagree without being disagreeable?"
Source, interview with Charlie Rose

Entry for October 31, 2006

I was reading the Opinion section in Overland-St.Ann Journal. Angela Jones the author believes that "Recent tragedies show why we should teach youth to respect authority" citing:

1. A young women throat being slashed and her newborn stolen.
2. Mad gunmen murdered students in their classrooms.
3. Teenagers in Washington pulled a woman from her car and beat her because she honked at them to get out of the street.

...So and so forth
She further states, "there was one common thread throughout all of these stories- the lack of accountability".
" It seems at some point in their lives of the people who commited these actions, some thing was lost. Perhaps they were abused or molested". "What if someone had taken thetime to teach these people respect and coutesy of others"?
..." What if an adult in the childs family,school,church or neighborhood realized that the child had no adult guidance and had spent time with the child"?
Suggesting that ..." children... respect and obey all elders and to use yes sir and no sir"
She is stating that the self is a prisoner of the enviorment. And individuals of her caliber are using the age-old delinquent as a need for more authoratarian action. Such as dress codes and performance of community service in order to graduate.

The Pumpkin Head

Autumn soltice in place

Enjoying salted laughter
As the children play
Preachers warning unheard
Soon they come to a seedy place
As the children knock
Death the spirit of the day
Takes the innocence
Beside the pumpkin head

An Improvement

"X-rated lashes" is the slogan

Painting the face for pecker
As the cum flows
From on top her head
Drips complimenting
The mascara
For the western ode
Soon hijabs will be legal in France
No smear lipstick defeats its purpose

Seperated Brethren

Look as Calvin dwindles
For the neo-pagan retro
Some pre-destined for sulfer
While vatican 2 succumbs
To the heathens happy medium
As the ordainment
To resist Rome
Has been canceled
Paleo-Christ remembers the multitude

Righteous Gentile

Lysander Spooner
Has it figured out
Setting it straight
Knows better
Not fooled
Getting the information
To the knowledge seeking
Useful secretion
Now we know

Pissing Dick

The frowardness
Of your pent up fascination
Is shown by the arousing haze
Of your artful desire happenstance
White girl on high
Allways in pairs
Manifests the manouver
Close to prostrating

Crush The Infamy

Like a good Jew
Voltaire knows the earth is mans
Satan seen in the hurricane
As a result of your collective sin
Awaiting the next one
This time they pray
As the natural order comes forth


White trash revolution
In Progress
Gather your lumpen-proletarian fringe
The celebration of our grandfathers
As we bid
The great white way
Fare the well

Europes Money

Goodbye America
Goodbye Britain
Hello Juggernaut German
A new interpretation
For your mis-understanding
Of the book of revolations

Neo-con militarist messiah
Engages the bombardment
To free the people
From life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Pacifying via satellite
On the one eyed media portal
They haunt the imam
With their nightmare western re-run


Tinkering genetically
With the non-conformists
He developes white cave dwellers
On mothership flight
He forgets his baggage

The Baalamian Predicament

Calling God names
Refusing to believe him
They ask satan for permission

The Burden

...Habakkuk the prophet did see.

4Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

The Deal Set Forth:

5Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe, though it be told you.
6For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not their's.
7They are terrible and dreadful: their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves.

Its a fitting acheivment oh lord. They come to you as if you were a fool. Even the prophet as if you didnt know better.

Your Post-Modern Variety

Caprice ill-thinking becomes you
You value your pre-christian ways
Soon allah will know
The vigilence of western-cancer-nihilism


... Of the remains of the soviet
Happy to get rid of disadvantage
Now must contest the orthodoxy of fomer blocs
Wanting back the supression
Hoping the jews come up with something else
Proudly funding neo-conservative bidding in the east

Judicial Whore

Ticket quota
Billy Jack Dial
Upholds decency
By lewd attempts
Subterfuge episode
Demands tax raise
Since you've not heard of self regulation

Jim Crow

Heeding our founders messege
For a better third world
Bring back the literacy exam
For the better blacks
Overthrow the electorial college
For liberation
Now the elites will rule us no more
Soon we will be like Guy Fawke
And start anew...

Part 2 Multiple Choice

1. Leaving us to the warlords of your gangsta sub-culture
2. The goddess cult of Nefertiti
3. Barak Obama

Queen Of Sodom

The freudian prediliction
Of your broken heart exploitation
The father comes to hurt
With his manhood
You run to the mother
For love
Or perhaps your just teasing the boys
Pixie Stick ( Haiku)

Candy particles
Of a sugary substence
Enjoyed by children

By Spyder

John F. Mcmannus

Took the helm
After Robert Welch
Still setting course
For the attack against our gainful enemy

Cute white architype
Bimbo face
Of the unassuming
At least seemingly
However lost
British civility
Of the royal crown
Quaint european
Pychological catch phraze
As the bases
Of that cultural ego
Is over

Red State

Power to the village
The people must prevail
Al Gore is my president
Communism my retro-sheik
I love a good veagen dish
My independence is my homo-sexual performance
I have finally burned my mothers bra
Overthrew my fathers god
As i trip acid
Free from the objective world

Entry for December 18, 2006

Excessive Force

These cops have husbands
Wives and children
Plus they need the state funds
Bring your tithe to the civil god

Excessive Force 2, Helohim

Helohim is now consulting international law
For guidence
Court costs are souls for flesh and mamman

The Unschooled Imaam

Six people on a plane
Praying inappropriately
According to sharia
Not wanting to make hand gestures and quietly recite
They miss thier flight


To the gentile first
And then the Jew

The Gentiles Torah

Is natural law
Jews come up with a talmud
To compete

Culturally Buddhist

Expelled in 1492
From Spain
Jewish Whores
Supplied Argentina & Western Europe
With bruised teets
Now they have a state
So they dont have to sell womb

Deep Inside Radical Islam

You'll find the teachings of the prophet (p.b.u.h.)

Apologizing To The Whole Of The Black Community

I am sorry
Sorry for calling you all niggers
As afro-american media leaders
From the white television show

Mothers Variation

There once was a man named Frazier
Short of using a tazer
Called someone a nigger
The nigger pulled the trigger
And shot himself in the head

Catholic Time

Pauper popery
Comes for raimnent
Here take my coat

Spirit Of The Law

Jesus here to fulfill
Not replace
Yet still not promoting
Leaving one other choice

Coptic Pope Lead Us To Liberation

Malcolm X
Promoting the KKK
For his cause
Forgets christianity
Started in the east
Make believe world in place
Leaving his adherents
Culturally skitzophrenic
Playing the devil
For the white mans god complex

Pauls Recomendation

Paul gnosticism shows
Clearly states its by permission
Not commandment
God aware of his short comings
Makes a stipulation
Literalists claim if one word is not of god
The whole bible is worthless
No point...

Paris Hilton Wants Progeny

Shes craving
The ends of the means
Of the biology
Fruit of the womb
Come forth
From the useful hole

Primitive Christian

Not Understanding the looming temple destruction
And the prerequisite of losing the saducees
Strugling pharisees take the torch
Burning they put it out
HaShem incarnate i thought we killed you

Malcolm In The Middle Redux

Malcolms brother has disguised his self as gay. So as to assist the women in the auxillary at military school. Un/zipping cloths, massages and girl talk. He finally gets to his saught happenstance and announces he could change. She responds in kind. Followed by a stint at the church. Where theres a class teaching prayer to denounce such acts in order to overcome. King Diamond appears and sings 'heres your proper sodomy' as he points out her hiney and presents it to malcolms brother.

Paleo-Conservative Prose

Consult Not That Wich Hinders

One limits themselves
By abiding by not law
But global interference
Two follow
Soon as dominoes
As they abide
By un-american law

Bailiff arrest the judge
That upholds it
Now what do we do?

The Angry Thoreauvian

The woods are fine
Yes nature is good surroundings
However one cannot see the magistrates
And thier dignitaries
Go back to the concrete
Where they may remind themselves
Of thier asphalt mentality

Theres a crack
Where life springs
I hope they dont kill it

Philosopher Of The Bench

Do your job
And uphold the honor
By philosophical defense
Remind them that
The constitution stipulates
We have
And do


Another propaganda channel
For sensitivity training

The Ha-Satan

Hes dazzling in light
He meets thier affection
He is expediant life
Dont concern yourselves
With politics or religion
Or the sociology of such things
Hes worried you'll change him

Your King Has Risen

And bid them all farewell
Thier time has expired
Yes, you look astonished
And/or disappointed

Well go make yourself a king
It will do no good

Entry for March 03, 2007

Excessive Force 6, Helohim Collects

Tax Time

Excessive Force 7, Hope

Magna Carta derilicts
Try do dismantle the federal tax system
Leaving a stipulation for a write off
Of just that

John Wayne

Father White Trash
*For the ecominically deplorable


Improper Israel
Yesterday, today & tomorrow

See You In Hell

Angel worshipers
Thinking more wordly delights await them
However flesh of no use
Being seared from the bone

The Benediction

Come lump of flesh
Whats the matter with Nestor?
You cant change your mind after condemning
Why not benedict your condemned?

Excessive Force 3, Helohim 2

Puking from
Pork devouring law mamman
This corpse
Shows its true self
The usery

Excessive Force 4, Helohim Speaks

Tomorrow is promised to no one
Who wants to die?

Excessive Force 5

Selected supporters of the Magna Carta
Are imprisoned in the clink
To detain them until thier time served
Lines of death
From the well wishers are formed

Bodyless Heads

Aloft in the night
Needing a body
Remembering the regurgatation
When they had throats
Soaked and saturated
With what used to be nutrient

Your God Ye Goyim

Your rationalized attempt
Your compromised position
Your ecumenical venture
And your Sunday Shabbat

The Delighted Wench

As a women shopping in the cucumber isle
So your flesh thinks
The hour of temptation has passed
As your meager vagina burst forth the enlargement
The celebration has commenced
Your biological function is in order


Protectors of the cross
Guide-posts of the flesh
Inheritors of the theology of baphomet
Now they are christ

Entry for March 04, 2007

Civil Rights Camelot

Pushed as legacy bill of J.F.K.
Taking up the disposessed
For vietnam
Ghost bobby
Speaks to Johnson privately
Conversations that were recorded
For democracy
Dr. King trade off
With Hoover
And social engineering
Jews taking joyride with minority quota
For his brothers sake

The Shadow Pillar

Jews bringing thier zion army
Using christ as the bait
Saying Jesus was jewish
And our messianic era
And your apocalypse
Are the same

Franco Tribute

No Muslim
Would get threw
The straits of gibraltar

Hoover ( A Reflection)

Thankfully we can transport a woman across state lines for immoral purposes

The Road

Paul realising his mistakes
After altercation with Christ
Saul no more
Having been born again
In his approach
Once persecuter
Now utmost friend

Lemmy & Henchmen

Muddled power chord
Gloomy feeling
From crank
Champion of all dregs
Still going forth
Ace of spades

Power Boink

She likes the strength
Of her favored companion
The technique
Of feeling
Perhaps one day
She will learn its value

Hashem El

Real covenant people black
Stolen from the whites

Aware of concubinage
Feeling bastardly
Hashem El

Bring The Liberal Jews For Unkosher Dick

Its post shabbat
They look so pretty
On dick tonight
We'll rock the hellenist forth
Back room your tushee
In hopes of the new diaspora
As the census is took

Entry for March 15, 2007

Washington At Valley Forge Praying

Jesus & the jesusists think theyre favored by HaShem & the judahians
It is Allah & the mohammadens who are more up to par with ethical mono-theism
But if theyre favored why do they live in squalor?
Its not squalor its piety against materialism
Your western rehashment thinks the blessing comes in material gain
The prosperity doctrine is allready here not something new
It ingrained
Since the advent of the American republic --
Where providence & his deists made material gain
And thanked God
Leaving the rest confused:

Oh true lord
The one of no revealed faith
Leaving man to figure it out by himself
Whom has no prophet, messiah or king
Just a occasional sage
Whom allows women to vote & own land
Whom freed the slaves
Who toppled magistrates of jesus, allah & assorted others
Who finally upheld a land treaty with the indians
The author of the melting pot
I will uphold your tradition

Tornado Pursuers

Chasers of the collective sin of man
Allways in awe
Of its results

Morning Blessing

Blessed are you HaShem
Maker of the universe
Whom has brought forth
Coffee from a bean

Liberation Of The Mid East

Muslims & jews
Wanting to take
All the credit
Oh ghost of eastern christiandom
Muslims thinking old foe long dead
Claiming its to support Israel
Jews thinking the same
Patriarch of Constantinople, Antioch , Jerusalem and Alexandria
The quickening

*Aternate Ending*

From the buried dead
And pay your sukkot

First Nature Poem

Fish pounding
On the bottom
the sound of crisp air
Among the water
White christmas
Space heater, gas running
Pissing in a cup
Where i can remain warm
Howard Stern

King of all media
Goes satillite
Audience not wanting to pay
Remembers the old show

Grandfathers God

Jack Van Impe
Good ole days harken
When grandfather knew
Encouraged the lord
As value system
With faithful wife
Showing the marriage way
As a tribute to the grand white affair
Come dear informer
Of biblical information
Let us basque in your wise, weathered undieing love for mutual lord

Laura Ingram

Dont like Voltaire
Because he died alone
As Gods aging process natural order of death suggests
(Derived from her thankgiving day 2006 radio show)

To Ron Paul

"Defund the U.N.
make thier world headquarters a parking lot" *
The worst orginization
Has a wash car/bake sale
* (Local neo-conservative on FM Talk 97.1 speaking for the rest of group on thier late U.N. thesis)

Entry for April 26, 2007

Thankyou Luther

For all that youve done
For the Lord
Buttressing his religious authority
Pastor eternus
His continual comeback
From that wich you dismantled
Your work in pious sincerity
Infallible is what you are

Arent Those Cartoon White People Funny?

Number one selling vehicle
Is toyota
As requests are made to expand the FDA
To inspect peanut butter
And other food stuffs
While an attempted impeachment is made
By Dennis Kucinich
Owner of a toyota
And proud supporter of the FDA
This vice presidential candidate
Appeals to the kids populist sentiment
Dressed as such populist appeal
Globalism dressed in such a manner
Makes them think theyre changing the world

Entry for May 29, 2007

The Fairer Race Out And About

You sure indians arent black
Aborigines inhabitants the true jews
Wigger looks around & thinks
Those of brown skin are related to negro

Via De La Rosa

What a marvel
Vibrant in crimson
Graceful is your life
As you lived it
In death
You are dear

Which God Is Least

Onward christian soldier
Different quality of violence
Seemingly of fundamentalists
Right god
On the defence
Meeting the needs of humanity
My god doesnt say bomb people

Cross Purposes

So pro-black
So christ like
Your new martyr
Of old
Happy Martin Luther King Day

Entry for June 05, 2007

Calling Bathroom Security

She bit more then she could chew
In her media enviorment
She had nothing to compare it to
Shes done imitating
Her net & movie heroes

Dr. Phil Speaks No more

"Its natural instinct
To be drawn
To the power figure"
In this authoritarian pop-psychology job preference

Women Of The Lost Clitoris

She was found ungodly
By oral stimulation
Like others
She was spared
By its removal
Leaving her with unbalanced sodomy

Entry for July 31, 2007

God Before The Jews

You upholded man
As if that was such a sin
Jews have seemingly rewrote it
As if man must uphold God
Leaving many to be as co-workers
Before the jews
If it was for us
To uphold you
We would fail
Luckily for us you can uphold yourself
Wich makes them the contested
The jews

In Shallah

We will find tender mercy
In shallah
We will find a heart of gold
In shallah
We will achieve grace
In shallah
We will over come
In the garden of tulip vagina
I take a wiff
Of piety
As she has our love
For if it not be gods will
Then we are not
In shallah

Entry for September 11, 2007

Voltaire In Court

...with no more moral foundation for law

Since denounced as a key element of so-called white society
Adapting a sociological frame work
For the savages
I request to the judge that he step down
Or uphold that sacred tenant

Entry for November 01, 2007

Britney Spears Represents Herself

After talk of getting two experts to examine tone and body language
...Dismissing judge and unfit jurers
Explaining that its a chance the jury is going to have to make ( since the absense of draconian testimony )
Realising the whole fiasco regards the medias moral failings
Noting also the vendetta of her ex-husband
...While on the stand
She doesnt question the prejudice regarding her at times not wearing panties
Nor does she find partying while a mother of young children to be immoral
Fine with her hair
Realising paparazi (photographers of sorts) are stalkers
Stating her case ... they wonder why theyre all here

Entry for December 04, 2007

An Episode

Whites being noble
Due to not in their best interest*
The self sacrifice
Shows itself
When consulting with their dismantled person
Since certain American traditions
Out do jewish mitzvotz
It has to be
In their best interest

* The ethics of what isnt in their best interest.

The Sinning Jesus

At the bar
With King Diamond
Jesus consumes a alcoholic beverage
Again and again

Entry for December 27, 2007

Chuck Swindall Roast

Regarding Our Parents

"As fine parents as they are
They never the less
Are sinners"
Sinning because theyre husband and wife

Ministering Spirits

"I'm not sure
I havent made a lengthy study of it
But it seems we are more likely to be visited by angels
In a dreaming state"
Allowing subjective imagining undermining God... inviting Satan

The Warped Mind Of Chuck Swindoll

"Would of been a clear case for abortion
If it was anybody else"
In regards to Joseph, Mary & progeny

Entry for January 13, 2008

Knowing the culture war is over... I choose Mitt Romney as viable candidate for president in this post-modern era. AS head neo-conservative he can introduce his mormonism as positive equality. May Moroni gather the persecuted with their history as commonality.

This will work well with those that prescribe to civil rights. Championing the cause of godly liberation from oppression. May Moroni blow the trumpet inviting a black republican and/or conservative vote. That will be unsettling to civil rights purists who are going to site the mormon curse of Ham, as reference of passed oppression.

With the indian reference in mormonism, the Mitt Romney campaign could come out on top. The indian chosen of jesus can balance the past black slander, this will attract indian activists and those of anscestry, as well as republican and/or conservative indian themselves. Moroni beacon of godly indian liberation . Threw all the racialism of the injuns anti-white classification, still meeting civilization even amung the most defiant of all savages.

On this Christmas season spread hope of seed sharing & breaking of bread. Mormons lets share the joy of liberty in and of Christ this holiday season. By teaching that very concept to our indian neighbors. Moroni blow the trumpet for jubilee. Come jews, blacks, indians and eastern europeans and sing this holiday prose poem below...

Christmas tree of hope
With gifts of hope
Shine does the star of hope
Representing Christs hope
Open the presents of his birth gift
Now you read
Your reasoning improved
You've been offered a god of love
Fierce only in that love
You question your medicine man
Rebel against your chiefs
Also you can write a more elaborate language
Know that one does not regress or stagnate
There is no inadequacy in Christ
If you are not gentically retarded
Then you are not retarded
If you arent of a gentically or biologically imposed factor for mental inadequacy
Then you are not excused

Entry for February 07, 2008

Models Of The Flesh

Those gals
They want to model
Their flesh
Until it withers
In the pretty porn affirmation
They come to Christ asking
Give me back my flesh

With Coffee

(whistle Danny Kaye style)
Ha-Shem my lord
Jews pray to you
In a continued dismantled state
Of Israel

(whistle Danny Kaye style)


Our faith, our faith, our faith
Is in the jews
Is in the jews
Our faith, our faith, our faith
Is in the jews
Is in the jews

(A marching band chorus song)

The Lord Sets Me A Table Amung My Enemys

So i may show the evangelical
What theyre missing
Unto the jew
And their mongers
I will
Show them
The door

R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer died last month he was a one of those revisionists towards the jews...wanting to downplay their significance, not understanding God has taken care of that.

Entry for February 28, 2008

Neo-Conservatives Are Marxist

They address issues in the marxist re-written world view
Claiming a way
Around it
Or their compatibility
-Regarding Savage's views on Fiji 2-27-08-

Fifty Years Too Late

She wants to be a white girl
Not in this age

Dissociating Himself

They dont even want to talk about it
Nor can they
Neo-conservatives with their rationalized psyche
And supporting psychology
-Regarding John McCain feb-27-08-

Anti-Social Social Views

World marxist mitzvot
For their dismantled culture
New York scientifically tested
Consequence of one-worldism
Global effects social engineering
Minority neighborhood lab

Entry for April 16, 2008

Psychological Isolationism Called For

Withstanding the external world
For a world inside their heads

Pat Buchanan Says:

Papist prohibition regarding birth control
"Is consistent with natural law"

At The Potato Sale

Barak O'Bama
Trying to attract the catholic vote

Jimmy Carter Rocks

Iconoclast of the christian faith

Goodbye Liberty

'I'm not free if another man isnt'
*Jew at the Civil Rights Movement

On The Republican Channel

Claiming of universal rights
Yet not sighting Natural Law
Speaking of universal rights
Yet not stating Natural Law

Almost There

Talking to dead people &
Seeing things

After the Visit To Resturant From The Dinner Guide

Should not there be more to life
Then good meals?


Once the progressives were

On The Street

"Heres your money
Go buy 16 dime bags bitch"

-Not me

A Womanly Interest

Semen atop a salad & burger and frys

You Had Me Convinced

Those Democrats
Making quasi-nativist and quasi-isolationist statements

A Free Society

Because of equal protection under the law
Wait till the Marxists get a hold of that

I was there

...when the wigger shit started &
I'm still not impressed

Entry for May 16, 2008

Good Looking Out

Boy youre way behind
While you refigure
Intellectual piety
Configuring levitical famial lines

Take your steeple down
In reverence of todays christ
Offended by fruedian representation
Thanks to the pharisee

Clinton Vs. Obama

I dont appreciate industrial psychology
Being used in presidential candidate marketing

Thanks K.M.O.X. 5-8-08 11:00pmish

If racism is xenophobia
Then surely it cannot stand

Entry for June 10, 2008

Space Bag

 Worrying the ironing industry.

In The Interrogation/Story Building Room:

Use/bring your psychology for dummies book.

Ruben Studdard

Showing the natural inequality of man
Proud conservative black man
Sing them a song a freedom

Entry for July 30, 2008

Inside The Synagogue Of Satan

Sell your soul
for failed ethics
that never-do-well
test giver of God
by the hiding
first century
and now
still looking for the greater ordinance.

Entry for October 04, 2008

"Stinking Corpse"

Ahmadinejad knows he has a rational view of Israel. Unlike Misses Paline who believes the corpse is still living or fragrant.
oct.2.'08 the vice presidential debate

"No Civil Redefinition Of Marriage"

Mr. Biden & Mrs. Paline both want to pervert common law.
oct.2.'08 V.P. debate

Joe Biden

'The best friend of Isreal and not a supporter of Israeli democracy.
oct.2.'08 the debates

"Democracy, Tolerance and Equal Rights"

Sarah Paline against traditional conservatism.
oct.2.'08 the v.p. debate

Not All Conservatives...

Are interested in the stock market.
Sarah Paline referring to populists, "the few of us that own stock"

Wisdom Of Joe Biden

"John Mccain hardly doesnt differ from president Bush"--because they're Republicans.

Misses Paline Extolling Pat Buchanan*

"People arent looking for more of the same".
*the debate

"Liberty In Opportunity...

You dont destroy capitalism for a (climate-change) myth."*
Mark Levine 9.12.2008 *two statements put together

Budget Crises California

Due to lack of funds - Bill Gates offers to buy the state.

To Mark Levine, The I.R.S. And Thier Supporters

All i pay is a sales tax, you say thats not fair.
"If you want to vote you should pay federal income tax." Mark Levine Oct.3.'08

Reagan Conservatives

Another neo-conservative rationalization.
Goldwater Conservative you neo-con swine.

Mark Levine speaking of liberty after the cultural revolution, 0ct.3.08

"If Youre Not For State Regulation
...then youre a anarchist to the media"

I'm Going To Pull Up Some Ivy Ladue at a Mohammadans household. I have to bring a woman chaperone, because they think temptation is obligatory.

A Populist Fiscal View

Cut the funding of other countrys for your $700 billion.

Nows The Time For A Third Party

Neo-conservative Micheal Savage Oct-2-2008 fifteen years* too late.
* Ross Perot

How many gals love Jesus of the New Jerusalem?

Dear lord she was wholesome before her culture was regulated, now marketed.

Her technological fancy and consumer venture,
her web cam w/ripe fanny & breasts.
Evangelical woman hailing Israel, equality your goal...
The Triune has no equals in a global pantheon of one-worldism.

Leech quota of self-importance, go find another lobby.

Dear Triune,

Let these judaized wretches see mercy. Free them from bondage of the law, lest they fall to its letter. As your spirit is not of their heart,mind and soul. By your grace lord may they merge in such ecumenical bliss, that they are indistinguishable.

May it be your will, Amen

Does this light undermine himself, for the betterment of humanity in a pantheon of equal deitys? Or is this light what we learned, when God had beatituded to us that were present...Satan, after he convinces you of Gods progress - God has been guided by MLK and Judaized Vatican 2. Changing for the better... Come Papist and Evangelical, ecumenical away in a interfaith study group that leads to your mere 'Abrahamic Faith'. Mocking Gods covenant by defying the New Covenant, for a new age.

Entry for May 06, 2009

Organized Crime

Why should non-union workers pay (their) union dues?

Walking The Streets Of Integration

Without A Social Science

Forlorn negro
judaic racial quota w/
neurotic psychosis.

Marginal White Politics

Dare to be self-goverened?/./!

Walking The Streets Of Integration #2

White kid in his pool with negro neighbor kid...
...soda, toys and sister.

Walking The Streets Of Integration #3

Government of law vs. Government of men ,(vice versa).

Entry for June 26, 2009

The king of racial amalgamation is deceased.

Lets discuss...

Kill the whiteman by upsetting natural law. Heres somethings we* need to engineer by way of the media-academia-government industrial complex... Sexual androgyny racial amalgamation impeded contiousness of recreational and regulatory drugs. Kill the whiteman by upsetting natural law.


Healthcare Commentary

To heck with the insurance -- Government industrial complex.

Entry for August 31, 2009

Happy Law Enforecement Day

 Neither Calvin nor Jew.

From the degenerate system ...

... and its engineers ...

Entry for September 24, 2009

After reviewing, i wanted to state that nazis and paganism has no place in an understanding of white-american-western-protestant men. Also, the the convenience of putting emotional connatations on every political view that opposes, leads to the moniters labeling us-them-you as 'hate'. It's distinction; that very difference; that they seek to dwindle by uniformity, because the shadow of 'better' follows us-them-you.

In closing , the caricatural 'white supremacist' scapegoat is the oppositions way of stigmatizing.

From the soon to be defunct - Geocities. September 12, 2005

Home Land Security

Home Land Security

On these nuts

Home Land Security

In your butts

Home Land Security

Look but dont touch

Home Land Security

Its too much

For 'em ta understand

Booty Jacker

Dong in hand

Hatin big whacker

On tha attacker

I like em'blacker

Shes a booty packer

Dont like 'em battered

Spell bound brain washed

Whats tha matter?

Home Land Security Act

Home Land Security

Tryin ta scare

Why cant tha government care?

Socialist ideals

Not tryin ta hear

Hippie gal tryin ta spread peace

Until the cognizence cease

Down with tha dong

Come in your hair

Tryin ta do me long

They cant take it down

Ya know they messin around

Neo-con trick

Tryin ta make brunette sick

Dont like tha way i hold my dick?

Maybe i wanna take a lick


Like a mans supposed ta be dyin

Look at 'em fryin

Sorcery zap to tha court-ordered goofs


Doin bad things

Mad federal schemes

They all occultic fiends

With yo mama church

As tha ball swings

Ho fuck on me

Mother fuck tha holy sea

What ya tryin ta be


Goons, screws, pigs and spooks

Sayin cognizence aint ta use

Poor court ordered goofs so-abused

Papists vowed in thier-delusions of granduer

All you all supposed ta think white cop

Expendable masses they say-aint allowed ta know

While they call tha pope pop

Guardian protectors of tha - white bred

They wanna make tha people brain dead

Feds frivolous threats

Tha number of your badge says-


What ya tryin ta be?

A super hero?

Entry for October 16, 2009

See that Mulatto? She/he's still with them... aint like she/he's half-white or other.

free africa
from itself.

(Jefferson noted in his notes on virginia, that whites and negroes breeding - bettered the negro.)

Ode to the 'civil religion'.


oh lord
is how
want you.

The chaos of Satan, - cannot hide with reason and objectivity.

Papists and other pagans;
with a degenerate humanism
seek you, others yeild... to liberty
in Christ.

As the nation is a beacon of light,
its culture a gift of the spirit.

Refusing to partake for equalitys sake;
so that, those not capable, may live in contempt of natural law.

Make God license, make his beatitude socialism, denie creation and retard social progress and its exclusion.

These are poems i posted on It was a commie site that's no longer functioning.

Eminem Crawls On His Belly

Look at those mannerisms
and speech;
hip-hop nation – has done alot to end racism.
For a future
of back trouble,
as they walk like snakes.
Their speech patholgy
is also comparable.

I Miss Jerry Garcia

I miss Jerry Garcia, ever since he died, things just arent the same. But i’m really into Bob Dylan now. This organic/commie coffees great, heh nice tye-dye. I dont mind shwag if its the only stuff around. Acid, opiates and coke with some P.B.R. – at the happening place where gals reinact Ani De Franco meets girls-gone-wild. Later when we are all sober , we’ll find some more escapism on T.V. ; where – we dont have to come to terms with our neglect and abandonment.

Vol. 2

The spiritual Spring is near, we shall be - born again.

Let the spirit of Easter
our rebirth
into a world of salvation.

From the winter she still sleeps … dreaming of Spring.

Get off the couch and go play outside.

Bonus sermon –

Barak Obama - Monarch of One Worldism?


T.V. Morality

Good guy
That drinks and drives
He wont lose any sleep
Shit happens

Objectivity and Reason

Open the psychology book of mostly psychiatry. See the index? ... No Adler or Reich.

Happy Labor Day

Unions are theft.

Let 'em Drop Out Of School

Its their liberty and your system that marginalizes them.


Talk Show Callers

“Arent the Mormons pro-life and how did Romney get to be pro-choice”?

The caller not understanding our treasured system. Anybody here got any idea?

Three For Mr. O'reilly ,Plus Bonus

Bill O’reilly

“Progressive liberal
not a socialist”
-Himself, referring to Mr. Barak O’bama.

Soundbite Society

Stop making excuses & policy for the majoritys inadequacy.

Activist Church

Read another beatitude, degenerate neo-con papist.
(The Radio Factor 5-30-08)

Its Very Simple

Like Judas unto Hamilton.

Vol. 5


Go Scooter Libby

Take your god
An uphold the authority Greater then man
Go scooter
Not wanting to incriminate himself
Did not cooperate with the F.B.I.
Knowing man
Knowing God
Preserve ye person & effects
Showing your faith
May men come to admire scooter
May other operatives fear him
Lord keep you
God speed

"No Self Government In Africa

Due to tribal conflict to say the least”

1-3-8 Phil Hendry Show

Vol. 6

Paraphrazing the book, 'A Short History of the Catholic Church'

'If only Luther would have waited
There would of been no need for him'

The Humanity Of Whores

... all that to get a Louie Vatton purse
(Regarding Cat House, the H.B.O. series)

A reflection regarding God

We engage in imagery to remind us of our faith in idolotry. If we just made one image, it would turn into numerous ones. Picture a picture of nothing but God. How would you represent it? I have in mind a picture..a black picture. Those who stare see nothing or black. Representing a void or abyss. The question of the day is, does this say something about faith?

Vol. 7

The Bologna

You know its not good
Disguise it with lettuce, tomato & pickle
Mmm what a tasty lettuce, tomato & pickle sandwich

The Shampoo

She likes peckertin
Her strains seem to be strengthened

The South Shall Rise Again

All over the united states
As negroes move

Morning Blessing

Blessed are you HaShem
Maker of the universe
Who brings forth
Coffee from a bean

Vol. 8

Hes No Ceasar

You can mix patriotism
With christ
But he must be lawless


This anomaly, hyperbole, banter and innuendo
Disturbes god in a puzzled manner
What is it?
What is its meaning?


Throwing the enemy the war
This trophy wife
Affirms the selfish gene


Those cops on the shows
Sure make them look smart

Vol. 9

Black Pope

Before the crown was worn by the white ones
There was black pope
Mood usually of a dark tinge not
Jovial patriarchs for god
Since God likes italians better
Perhaps they’ll get a sicilian

Entry for November 04, 2009

Mans Bestfriend

Do you know - how common it is - for a woman to sleep with a dog - that licks her vagina?

Four of 'em.

Philes or Phobics

The pros and cons
For or against
The argument, issue
Matter at hand
What is your descision?
Yea or nea?

Needing Sensation

The gnostic flesh
The mind
With nothing
To experience with but
Its subjective journey
How can it be objective
When it has not lived?

To Nikki

Your so soft
I can tell
By your picture
Your smile
Showing your teeth
So bright
Like your psyche
I know that you have so much
To carry on
The girth
Of the inspiration
At hand

One Man Philosophical Founder Of The West

Keeping the company of popery
Kings and queens
Congenial host and/or guest
While reading their eulogy

 Twilight at the church of common law.

There she is amongst creation.

Contemplating Calvinist theology...alone .
Dear woman, don't you understand?
God came to us as living man...

Calvin is of the is legalism
hindering our spititusl cohabitation
for the saught dowry
of soap operas, couches and Cinnabon.

*Sung to the tune of the traditional hymns.

Calvin of the World

Calvin student of Aquinas,

Man is refusing again -
for the choice of God.

Calvin student of Augustine,
Christ ransomed in vein -
for those he allready knew.

Calvin student of Aquinas,
Lord save yourself -
the law has fulfilled you.

Calvin student of Augustine,
theologian of the death-wished-apocalypse -
open the seals Lord, the world awaits satanic redemption.

Calvin student of Aquinas,
just to choose himself -
as the sin of man unfolds it's wrought pre-destination...
Having not wilt - their destruction.

A bit of healthcare information.

Theres is county clinics that offer tax payer subsidized care in place. This is about global influence, since we are the only ones without 'socialized' healthcare. The problem is'nt that we need more tax payer funded healthcare - but it is about the prices, and the insurance companies.

Entry for February 07, 2010

Special Population's

White is law, black is crime.


Liberia or bust.
Liberty, it's a white thing.
Part-time 4 life


Many have developed a complex in regards to race. The complex can be seen as developing in the name of negro. In a post-modern fashion mulattoes are seen as post-racial. While mulatto of the past is seen for what it is... Free association of discrimination is socially unacceptable and even illegal. Many are compelled to associate inter-racially out of reverence for a post-Martin Luther King god. Not in the glorious amalgamation equation is the mestizoes of Meso-America. Race does not dehumanize. Being a racist has been sent to the post-modern, deconstruction and revision program. Racial characteristic's are absent among commie ideal's of what i term a racial gnosticism and one heck of a inward subjectivity. Individual autonomy isn't directly sited by anti-racist's and is perverse in their remote practise. Racial autonomy for whites is discouraged by the same, and encouraged by non-white's. To revert to a social science caricatured and stigmitized as white supremacist is no popular option. As if white's didn't espouse a libertarian civilization without an equal, and further an autonomy that has been perverted in todays post-modern nihilism. Despite exceptions. Understand that i am a yankee...

Calling for white civil rights is cutting edge post-modermism. An offense to an ingrained personality of liberty, that's culture, and system was so distinct of it's difference that the socialist's deemed it white supremacy. To make the culture and system equal, white's would have to have a government policy used against them. That was justified (at least justified by the opposition's engineered consensus)  of the scapegoat of European authoritarianism (fascism/Nazism) and from a sermon of a gospel of promiscuous unity by the idolized socialist saint -- MLK. Many with naive sympathy and pretended sentiment went along with the dismantling of western civilization for its own good... it's salvation...and punishment.

Dreaming against a consciousness of objectivity and reason White American culture would be purged and asked to pretend. Playing along with the heavily white commie regulated game meant that David Duke to this day would claim that he isn't a racist. For an age that is a gnostic heresy of sinful flesh that must attone by its self destruction.

The lord is inclusive; offering salvation to all those who receive in his name by his grace. To claim white gentile's are chosen is blasphemy. Yet to know certain white gentile's uphold his word and creation is to understand his grace. Grace that is mocked, doubted and refused.

Those that question the identity of The Lord will lose theirs. Man is sovereign and autonomous as he utilizes free-will, and is judged in sovereignty and autonomy. So our God is sovereign and autonomous as he acts and rules in sovereignty, and autonomy. It is not Martin Luther King that died for our sin, but Christ. Martin Luther King did not perfect Christ, nor was he an apostle of God's message. The door was open by socialism; let's close that door in the name of Christ.


Lord the age of promiscuity and socialist infiltration has had its way, using Martin Luther King as clergy was just one instrument of man's free-will unto Satan. Let not the degenerate humanism give forth the fruits of it's nihilsm by force, but as long as man chooses let him be marked. Marked as he is with emotional pleas of no reason and a insincere love. For a new age of heathen orgy of the flesh and it's degenerate law.

As you have cleansed us with your blood. Cleanse those seeking you with your spirit on this Martin Luther King Day.

God of liberty -- inspirer of the Magna Carta -- exposer of the falsehood of earthly kings. Lord of liberty, inspiration of the original constitution...Shine of the flame, threw the burning cross-- radiant is the holy spirit illuminating in liberties name. Let them be offended and intimidated. As we are humble in reverence of your mercy and grace.

Guide us Lord, to exult you and the freedom you offer. Deliver us from the oppression of the world. We realise the odds let them not overcome us. Oh armor, sheild and sword.

May it be your will.

In Jesus name, amen.

I am from the previous system, the one hippies overthrew, as their wigger children bankrupt further.

Being quintessentially an American i am opposed to one-worldism. As a bigot i champion difference over sameness. Liberty is bigoted with its requirements of preference and discrimination. As you would be biased towards me; i would be biased towards you. I am of the individual-personality others are communitarian. The latter requires and espouses a managerial-state. Liberty is too exclusive to be for everyone. For instance, as a individualist i am resented by the delinquent whom would have license at the expence of liberty. Hence the authoritarian-personality; as self-government & internal authority are supressed for the sake of a society gone to illicit affirmation -- search of/for self, and guidance... As the the spirit of the law degenerates for a never ending letter. I am racist there are racial characteristics rather then 'color of skin'. I am also as they say a anti semite; i am not in ecumenicalism with Judaism; i know Jews to be a diaspora. Liberty is foreign to Judaism, and liberty is certain goyim's creed.

I am anti-Catholic, the pontiff of Rome is not my spiritual guide. I do not adhere to the spirit of the 60's. I am not of the psychological revolutions emotion over reason, with their abandoned selves, and it's empathy... Inordinate subjectivity is a mental disorder. White supremacy is a farcical term made by commies; yet it is descriptive of it's inequality -- by comparison. Caricatrures such as nazis and scapegoats as kkk are bologna. The caricature of Nazi must be sent back to its European degeneracy. The kkk's do not have exclusive rights to certain and particular political concepts or practices. I have withstood deconstruction and revision --and i do it for tradition-- a tradition you thought long dead...

From the mass grave of dead white men -- I arise, with a uncomprimising consciousness and self - that defies the promiscuous agenda of post-modernism and their culture, character of indifference.

With Old & New Covenant, Magna Carta, and the (pre-civil rights act of 1964) U.S. Constitution - Iignite the radiant light of the burning cross - repelling satan from the air, and purging his black souls of criminal license , and tyranny.

Entry for February 21, 2010


I am a dominate white male,
thats still not tempered
and you think its about sadomasochism.

Perverted is your character and its mind.
Not of the individual personality;
but of delinquency:
dye your hair green, pierce , tattoo & homosexuality.

Youre still stumped at the prospect of domination,
still trying to dominate me.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday morning coffee,
contemplation of my sins.

Wait till monday --
i'll do it over again.

Drunk in death,
the flesh will not live.

Drunk in life,
the spirit will not live.

Sunday morning contemplation of my sins...

If i could only do it over again.

I've made mistakes,
because i was drunk,
and alone.

I've used my flesh wrongly, in hopes it will turn out right.

I've suppressed my spirit, so i can go about -- as sin.
Lord, give me back the mistakes i've made, so i can give them over to you.
On calvery.

Human Race

...negro, cuacasion, and mongoloid.

Despite your theorys --to liberate the human race --from itself.

But youre just psycho-social pathology. Bring the human genome,
to get dna from Denmark. So they can use it,
so they can sell it: like they've sold the soul of man,
to the collective of amalgamation dreams. Of a socialist
saint. In whos name they now say we can no longer discriminate.
Of the jig in your head and its

Entry for March 02, 2010


Even so
the wigger lives
and dies
for nigger
as the negroes
and white commies
social-pathological frankenstein

Note: In the 90's, social science dismissed the wigger as mere "cross-cultural borrowing". As you may know also, Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam espoused such a endevour of lyrically conditioning whites to raps message.

Reporter Walks Into Tea Party

"There's not one african-american here"*
Showing we once understood, and our now revisiting that understanding.

*reporter for m.s.n.b.c.

Nazi whores of the flesh, your flesh will not save.

'Christian Identity' is blasphemy against Christ, and an offense to our gentile heritage.

Entry for March 23, 2010

Amalgamation Diaspora

Come Judaizer,
to corrupt me;
for your social obligation.

Patron Saint of Niggers

... for us.

Nor a State of Thier Birthright

White men
how dare you,
upstage the Jew
in stewardship
with your liberty.

Give up
or claim God
as your own.

At the diet of worms...
the carcass of Jew
is examined and
its revealed...

The establishment,
of the third temple -
is not our theology.

I am thankful for ...

Savages that joined civilization --we homage, and give thanks for them leaving tribe and chief: as pilgrims bid farewell to kings, and welcomed indians to liberty.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

The spirit of the '6o's has brought this, with the individual personality and its liberty being dismantled - for their 'psychological revolution' of such authoritarianism. Thus they wrought; escapist, and nihilist upon their mechanization over psycho-dynamics. Armed with weight and measurment against an archaic contiousness.

Racist Country Song

Were going to lock-up 99.9% of all niggers.
Because you can get up to a year for littering.
The n.a.a.c.p. and the urban league says, where is all our niggers?
...In jail.


"Hate', is one of your convenient post-modern terms used to dodge
opposition. Why would a person be tolerant when they're opposed?

The complex and
fixation of their reaction to their mentallity,
lead to the dismantling of neurotic in technichal use.

Those of the moderate chart were suprised by their lack of conviction.

Reason - not being a component of post-modern society, lead to emotional connotations of their angst... Wich lead to the existential dillemma of the past counter-cultures alternate contiousness.

Yes, i am opposed to Mr. Obama because he is black.

Note: The above link is not my poem and i added if for the heck of it.

This & That

Common Law

... or bust.


.. or bust.

White Privelage

Is liberty by law...

(Social justice, is equality before the law.)

Support The Troops

Save a dog, kill a Mohammedan.

Jews Wear A Kippa

Because God is offended by the top of their heads

Jews Dont Write The Name God

Worried it may be desecrated, they leave out the o or put a - in its place


Mel Gibson

Traditional white man
seeks church
that has dwindled
starting some fifty years ago...

Supremacy of faith
and civilization
still not apologising
for fringe piety
amidst the mass psychology of fascism.
... this white gentile is Papist.

In defence of Mel Gibson

Talks in an intoxicated manner to the police and asks if ones Jewish, while further reflecting on law and Jews. Has conversation with intimate companion regarding negro delinquency and breast augmentation.

Do not apologise Mr. Gibson, let them speak for themselves...

Ex-girlfriend after watching pornography -- puts on 'i-pod' listening to rap music -- while practising kabbalah on her way to lunch with lawyer, publicity agent and police.

Barak Obama Not A Monarchical Superhero

"I can't suck it up with a straw."*

* referring to the Gulf Coast oil leak.

No Baton

Grabbing his gun thinking it's a 'tazer', an officer shoots and kills unarmed man on a San Francisco subway.

Part 2...

Neo-conservatives meeting leftist social protest -- cannot understand -- why they burndown -- private property and 'loot'.*

*The Sean Hannity Show 7-9-10

Political Spin

The neo-cons are shocked and finally know that Barak Obama is of the extreme left, and not a moderate like them.*

*The Sean Hannity Show with Newt Gingrich 7-8-10

It's autonomy that made the whiteman supreme.

With autonomy being devalued, so goes -- liberty's individualism and free-will, its personal responsability, correlating with private property.

Judaizer Church

Three new sins:

1. Pollution
2. animal cruelty
3. social injustice

"Racism Is Evil"

"The belief that someone is better then others is not just really really bad"...*

*Neo-conservative, Former Governer Mike Huckabee stating foul theology on the neo-con channel 7-9-10

Christ Out Of Context For The Nihilists Sake (John 8:7)

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone...

Prophet Jesus; regarding stoning...

John 8:7 = He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

A Populist Capitalism

Private capital is not public debt.

Paleo-Conservative Economics

Privatize capitalism, now.

Reactionary Whiteman Watching Black Entertainment Television

She is incredibly mulatto, (white people would like her to be post-racial)... There they are, in the negroidal club.

[bonus feature}

Honoring the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death... post-modern clown does a song and dance.

Calvinist god; Playing Tag

Catch me if you can, the elusive christ says.

Note: A nazi-papist has used my name, , and I was aquainted with him on Myspace (since deleted his account) and Yahoo. He stated that he was going to use my name, i was intruiged by his infringement and analyzed accurately - his mock white supremacy as a Papist criminal mind. This wanna-be, did not respond.


Mel Gibson

Traditional white man
seeks church
that has dwindled
starting some fifty years ago...

Supremacy of faith
and civilization
still not apologising
for fringe piety
amidst the mass psychology of fascism.
... this white gentile is Papist.

In defence of Mel Gibson

Talks in an intoxicated manner to the police and asks if ones Jewish, while further reflecting on law and Jews. Has conversation with intimate companion regarding negro delinquency and breast augmentation.

Do not apologise Mr. Gibson, let them speak for themselves...

Ex-girlfriend after watching pornography -- puts on 'i-pod' listening to rap music -- while practising kabbalah on her way to lunch with lawyer, publicity agent and police.

Barak Obama Not A Monarchical Superhero

"I can't suck it up with a straw."*

* referring to the Gulf Coast oil leak.

No Baton

Grabbing his gun thinking it's a 'tazer', an officer shoots and kills unarmed man on a San Francisco subway.

Part 2...

Neo-conservatives meeting leftist social protest -- cannot understand -- why they burndown -- private property and 'loot'.*

The Sean Hannity Show 7-9-10

Political Spin

The neo-cons are shocked and finally know that Barak Obama is of the extreme left, and not a moderate like them.*

*The Sean Hannity Show with Newt Gingrich 7-8-10

It's autonomy that made the whiteman supreme.

With autonomy being devalued, so goes -- liberty's individualism and free-will, its personal responsability, correlating with private property.

Judaizer Church

Three new sins:

1. Pollution
2. animal cruelty
3. social injustice

"Racism Is Evil"

"The belief that someone is better then others is not just really really bad"...*

*Neo-conservative, Former Governer Mike Huckabee stating foul theology on the neo-con channel 7-9-10

Christ Out Of Context For The Nihilists Sake (John 8:7)

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone...

Prophet Jesus; regarding stoning...

John 8:7 = He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

A Populist Capitalism

Private capital is not public debt.

Paleo-Conservative Economics

Privatize capitalism, now.

Whiteman Watching Black Entertainment Television

She is incredibly mulatto, (white people would like her to be post-racial)... There they are, in the negroidal club.

[bonus feature}

Honoring the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death... post-modern clown does a song and dance.

Calvinist god; Playing Tag

Catch me if you can, the elusive christ says.

Note: A nazi has used my name, , and I was aquainted with him on Myspace (since deleted his account) and Yahoo. He stated that he was going to use my name, i was intruiged by his infringement and analyzed accurately - his mock white supremacy as a Papist criminal mind. This wanna-be, did not respond.


I speak against Black Liberation Theology, yet praise its disciple - 'MLK'. I also think the Pontiff Of Rome is credible.. i need a drink. I am Jack Mormon, and without a White Protestant Church for the civics of autonomy, i am out-of-place and insincere.


Israel, an addition and extention to/of the theme parks of Europe.

Neoconservatives i really think that your New World Order program is over and a failure. Or turned against you as the Maghrib asserts a tradition despite neoconservative nation-building of democracy... or because of it.

Although you still have the podium -- i am going to utilize this to homage the Mid-east as a paleoconservative.

Tradition has not been toppled in the mid-east; despite western television.

I am a paleoconservative and i support traditions--whether Mohammedans, Christian, Oriental and Arab in the mid-east; over a postmodern western deconstruction and revision program for a new world order. I do not support Israel. I would hope a radical-extremist Government arises out of this. If it does not then the neoconservative meddling was not successful. Unless they just wanted to bring about instablity for the sake of possible intervention. A genuine representation for the Egyptian people in a majoritarian manner should --in my view-- result in another so-called 'islamist'( a rediculous term) Government. Even those that aren't Mohammedan do not want globalism's interference. Attempting to bond tradition with the western moderate ploy -- is a death that will be refused.

The President of the World Spoke and Egypts reply was: tend to your own affairs. Free from foreign influence -- the mid-east will not dismantle themselves for a Western ideal of being moderate. Extremism is a culture that refuses to kill itself -- for your deathly compromised ways.

The mid-east should reject a one-world agenda headed by the great satan. Many will want an end-times prophecy out of this; wich means the west will forsake itself -- as it demands war to affirm its faulty stewardship.

May the Mid-east achieve a region autonomous from the West. Yet by the fact that their traditions are intact -- able to behead and/or tax the postmodern nihilist's of Europe. This will emphasize are distinction as the New World here in America. Where we can realise that Papists surround us -- because we have failed -- in a majoritarian manner -- to uphold our Protestant tradition.

Sharia's Coming...

By what tradition shall we repel such an attack? What ordinance? When i say Common Law -- what impression do you have? Yet--you claim a legalism not of Christ is a threat, with an equal legalism as salvation?

Our common law heritage is one way to ward-off the spirit of sharia and postmodern statutes. Although white protestant supremacy is not an option -- we still in spirit and application by our very personality observe that wich Christ delivered on Calvary to all Protestants: The Magna Carta.

Common Law and its spirit will keep us free from the imposition of foreign and Islamic law. Without common law--we are at the mercy of statutes that will lead us to bondage. The abuse of common law--by judges as a loophole to impliment subversive statute law--is only present because the vast majority has forsaken the observance of common law. Wich means no statute will save us from its impending arrival.

As i invoke the spirit of Common Law against Papist and Calvinist legalism and Sharia...

I Say:

Lord at calvary
you brought humanity salvation
defeated death and hell and
inspired the Magna Carta.

With that Magna Carta
we toppled frivilous earthly kings
baptized the savage in your name and by your guidance.

As they dressed in civilizations clothes and bathed in its annointment.

We let the world overwhelm us by forfieting our stewardship.

Jesus may the fringe uphold American tradition...
so we may not meet the same fate again
having forfieted you (societally) --
for a counterculture of drugs, whorishness and inordinate subjectivity...
as the void--to fill that void.


Nigeria is an example of a culture clash. One that cannot withstand the encrouchment of the Mommedan and his Islamic law--in unity. The Protestants common law - although superior - came in second due to its lack of statutes, confusing those in bondage.

Note: The above comment did not pass the censor for the news forums.

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New World Order

Is no joke

neo-con Jesus and Jew hokey doke,

end times hoax.

World liberation for U.S. gain,

regional stability before/for the U.N.:

and the globalist
to each-other
by blood.

I am not talking about the worlds end.

1492 Love Affair

On the slave ship they meet

Moor and Jewess

They copulate

Having progeny

This one will make a good house nigga

The Mysterious Death of John Paul 1

As a consequence of the humanist take-over of the vatican
oddly enough not claiming
the usual divine wrath
mysteriously interesting
is his death
of natural causes...

John Paul pleas in purgutory:
Sweet embrace of the angels caress
is upon me
give me hunger
i need thirst


If i said i did not want
would you still hold me?

Freud's Last Analysis

It seems that their self-regulation
is made of insecurities and complexes
which is not valid morality...
They are all on medication for their morality

Psychic Detectives

defence attorney
prosecuting attorney

Ayn Rand 2000

Google being innovative
In pushing G.P.S. super cam
through the courts
giving us a glimpse
of laissez faire glory

Jewish Law

Make another.

1492 A Love Affair

on the slave ship they meet
moor and Jewess
they copulate
having progeny
this one will make a good house nigger


At July 28, 2011 at 11:27 AM , Blogger RaeJillian said...

Four years ago I blogged daily on Yahoo! Then one day I logged on and EVERYTHING was gone. I'm glad you got the chance to save your old stuff!

At September 22, 2011 at 9:25 AM , Blogger Mr. Mcgranor said...

I make sure i have a copy elsewhere. Speaking of Yahoo: they were the original internet hub -- and free from censorship.

At December 10, 2012 at 11:27 AM , Blogger P V Ariel said...

Well you could save it at the right time, but now i think you need to segregate these posts and re post it at blogger in different heads so that it will be more readable. I am here reminded of the things happened with our writings at Google's Knol pages, But Google provided a good alternative to save our stuff they made a way to migrate our writings to thus saved all our writings but Alas!!! Yahoo!!!
Pl Provide a share button and followers button here in your blog

At December 11, 2012 at 5:21 PM , Blogger Mr. Mcgranor said...

Thank you for coming P V Ariel. I am not going to post these in any other manner. The title is usually in bold, underlined or slanted; followed by the rest of the piece.


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