Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Review of Patrick J. Buchanans Latest Book: Death of a Super Power

Patrick Buchanan claims in his new book that concerning homosexual marriage and clergy: "What is happening to the Episcopal Church has been happening to the Protestant world since the Reformation. Having rebelled against Rome over Papal authority, how do Protestant churches deny dissident factions the right to rebel and break away from them? If Rome has no authority to command obedience or teach infallibly, whence comes theirs?" Further stating that: "Protestantism, some historians argue, must inexorably lead to where it is arriving at--a place where each faction, indeed each individual, decides what is moral law and biblical truth: the privatization of morality." Page #59

On Page#80 Mr. Buchanan states: "Yet the self to has become a deity, for more than anything else today, individualism moves western man." He, like a Papist eludes to individualism and the liberty of Protestantism--out of context and inappropriately in other parts of the book as well.

Also claiming that a majority of Americans do not believe in the past Countercultures revolution, in particularly an aspect of the sexual revolution. Sighting that "61% believe abortion should be restricted or not at all." I doubt the statistic is a over-all example of a majority rejection of the Countercultures revolution.  Page#52
He also states in a chapter regarding the non-assimilation of third world immigrants, that himself and others of mostly Catholic European origin assimilated in the past, and to day the Hispanics are not. Page#234  I believe that such a claim is that Catholics were quasi-assimilation. One only needs to see the Italians, and others where they moved in their own enclaves. He sites southern and eastern European immigration 1890 to 1920. "America, they argue, despite nativist fears, successfully integrated the diverse peoples into one nation." He does not mention Bosnians in his book.

Page#53 Further suggests that from the Revolution to 2007, the countries Protestant percentage went from 99% to 51%, then stating that soon Protestantism will be a minority. Pat Buchanan includes Jehovah Witness', Mormons and Apostolics in his figures, except where the mainline is concerned, of which he notes that "2 to 1 are liberal/Democrat".

Page#54 Michael Spencer a preacher from an unnamed Kentucky non-denominational mega-church, believes "Evangelicals made a strategic blunder in tying their faith to political conservatism and the culture war." This seems to be an affirmation that the 'liberal' and degenerate humanism of popular American and Western Christendom has professed its cause.

Lastly, when noting that Lutherans, Anglican/Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Methodists are in "steady decline", that a mere "7% of the population of England attends church on Sunday." Page#65 I realise that the West has dismantled itself by its own popular doing, and that its institutions represent that decline. I find this of course, problematic.

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