Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emerged Church

 The Countercultures church of dismantled mainline institutions; comes the revision of faith. Deconstructing its character and piety for an inclusion of the New Age. Such Evangelicals and their Postmodern Church are wondering of the spiritual Reformation and conceiving a replacing of The Church. Catholicism is just another denomination--in a community of no denomination. Not in the traditional sense, but the Emerged Church. Nihilistic call to Sola Sriptura; theologically expounding of the dullard, carnal, worldly is their (mis)understanding. Revelation and inspired tradition is nil; void in the death of history, reason and objectivity. Once established, now dilapidated, yet occupied of its relativism.

 Can we really find hope, that mainline denominations in The East are surpassing the membership of those in The West? In Africa, where governance is nearly non-existent. The polar opposites of liberty: license and tyranny prevail. Is the Anglican Church of Nigeria really a consolation regarding the newly formed Missionary Diocese of the Trinity and also an establishment of the Anglican Church of North America, which the latter was made as a response to the secularized Episcopal Church. Can they really be a worthwhile endeavor? Why can't Western reactionaries bring this mission of the gospel and church?  Aside from that, hope in such African stewardship is welcomed. Because the vast majority of The West is self-defeated and its instutitions are absent of us reactionaries..?

 Regarding other Anglican concerns: the postmodern anglo-catholic seems to be Catholic indeed. Now finally shedding its disguise and rationalizations, asking for communion with Roman Catholicism, then staying in the Anglican Communion to subvert. As noted before, the Espiscopal Church faction -- a champion of the Counterculture and socialists 'social justice' -- still to this day contributing to Western upheavel as it destroys any sentiment of past Western piety and society. Yet those that make the mistake of attributing certain aptitide as Western; fail to see that autonomy and individualsim are components of Protestantism in Asia nad Africa as well. The Church is real. And was transformed by the Reformation, regardless of European concerns. Such concerns not existing until such; despite humanist ventures. Of which came after us Protestants. Autonomy is profaned in/of the secular, as individualism becomes delinquency and liberty -- license. The absense of liberty prevails even in free countries of an open market, shocking to those equating such with liberty. Freedom in Christ is liberty, the only social gospel.

 The Emergent Church takes its ecumenism in the past-tense, and finds that the academic classification of Christendom to be literally -- Christendom. Where a postmodern believer thinks Protestantism is making gain in Mexico and South America, because of the growth of Apostolics. Biasness is near extinct; except the anarchic anti-clericalism directed at past Protestant patriarchs, traditional bishops, actual ministers and a special fondness for the Pontiff of Rome. Where The Priesthood of all Believers is given to motivational speaker, pop-psychology clerics--marketing their post-Protestant 'Evangelical' character mixed with all the cross-cultural borrowing & one-worldism of some inter-faith 'church'. Christ--no God of exclusion, but a member of a pantheon; shared with the idol Ha-Shem and the Catholic lord -- Satan. Where the Eastern Orthodox are closer to the original church. Now growing in popularity, due to the internet. These Western postmodernists wonder with interest 'the true faith': to either Catholicism or Orthodox. Since The Mainline in a Western context is nearly extinct. And postmodern mega-churches, and non-denominational 'house churches' wont satisfy the hunger of the spiritually starving.

 Western man-kind rejects his own emergent church. It lacks, because he/she lacks. In abstraction, this church, and its congregation is concieved--just like the theology of Rob Bell. Various false teachings prevail: a prosperity doctrine that claims if you are in God's grace, wealth and other socialite activity will come. Positive thinking: this goes back to Norman Vincent Peale, Joel Osteens father. The positivist neurosis thinks (or feels prior to thinking) that God is devoid of reason, an emotional sap, of whimzied pretended emotional feeling. Lest he becomes other-wise, which is not grace. The promiscuis agenda of the Countercultures Emerging Church, is of a society that finds 'judging' to be bigoted (a bad thing), as if no one had any convictions. Due to the fruits of this emerged church's spirit, in regards to its piety and governance -- the Catholic Church is left to promote moral standards, as they pertain to Christian activism (in a spiritual sense, excluding the tired call for Marxist/Bakunist social justice, that some still promote. In the form of not only abortion, but the action against a Government program that would force churches to offer birth control--as it pertains to the recent Healthcare Bill.

 The indifference and promiscuity isn't just akin to postmodern non-denominational chuches, whether mega or otherwise; but what is left of the Mainline as well. Where one can hardly distinguish between the spiritually Protestant--versus all others. "Just Christian" and "I believe/read just the Bible" is their declaration for an ill-defined Christianity, of the dullards theological expounding; where the T.V. cleric is the theologian, or none at all. If you have read, or heard a preachers concern for the Emerging/Postmodern Church. Remind them such a thing has already rooted, grown and flourished. Remote in Christ, and also in affinity with Christendom.  Many in the institutional churches--are the ones that do not know their place on the fringe. Because they do not realise the majority of their congregations are also postmodern. Either that, or they are spritually naive in their fellowship.

One should ask themselves: are they too in the Emerged/Postmodern Church as well?

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At October 8, 2012 at 1:33 AM , Blogger Brenda said...

The simplicity in Christ is missed.

At January 15, 2013 at 6:17 PM , Blogger Mr. Mcgranor said...

Are you sure?

At May 4, 2013 at 1:53 PM , OpenID bnafreedom said...

I just discovered your fine web-site. I look forward to reading more from you. All the best,

At May 8, 2013 at 5:29 PM , Blogger Mr. Mcgranor said...

Keep the Faith.


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