Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Post-Protestant Black Church 1865

I went to various black churches for Black History Month. I find not only 'liberal Christianity' but the Counterculture ode as well. Here i seen the irreligious afrocentricism of out-of-place non-believers. So Judaized that they'd have to be a Government funded church. They tend to be Judaic in their aptitude regarding government and its church and worldly g-d. Petitioning for civil right and freedom of religion; while claiming that liberty in Christ is White privilege or supremacy. Masonic without them knowing it? as they promote a multi-religious and multi-cultural Dagon. At another one it was again a few black catholic social pariahs subverting (they especially like to hide). I heard comments like the Reformation started in Europe and they were slaves back then. As to pretend no affinity with certain old Mainline adherence and understanding. Did the White church exist by default? Regardless of Southern and over-all discrimination.

Common Law Copyright: That is utterly Christian in essence.