Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Prose and One Prose Poem for Thanksgiving Regards

A Thanksgiving Reflection

For Liberty, To Liberty’s God

Thanksgiving Day has passed and the commemoration of the New World is contemplated. Before, during and after the mince pie - i homage the Indian that joined civilization and were baptized in and of our Lord—Jesus Christ. Leaving tribe and chief meant a self-government that made them equal along the lines of mans precepts by natural law but a transgression in savage form.

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Those that claim our vice had become theirs and thus corrupted their virtue along with land/trade deals that hinesight says were not fair on their part. They Must think that humanity before whitemen sought to share the good news - was equal to him previously or hopelessly heathen? Lord let us not blaspheme their baptism by saying you are not good enough. Or claim our stewardship was ill. No, let us give thanks unto you, us—whose lives have been blessed by loving those as we love ourselves, second to only loving you…foremost. By such we may preserve liberty lest it fall to license.

picture from - Liberty by law has brought its order. Chaos…your protest?

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May we break bread with not those still lamenting and joining fallen chiefs and their inequality. But, at the table may they be of the nameless, forgotten, and undermined indians that broke bread with us at the first thanksgiving meal.

Savages that joined civilization we homage and give thanks for them leaving tribe and chief; as pilgrims bid farewell to kings and welcomed Indians to autonomy.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor 

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