Sunday, January 16, 2011

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        Jan 10, 2011

  • Odin/Hashem
    Thor/Triune Loki/Allah
    Vikings Valkries

    Odin/Hashem(The Poem)

    Loki the bad son
    Thor the faithful gaurdian
    for his dad
    assorted misfits
    wait for the payoff.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 


With global tort in place
finally we can pay
for their plane tickets to paradise
as the mad bomber
comes in
Hashems antagonist religion
doing their part
to postpone the revival
of the olde hebrew way.

No messianic something or rather for now
perhaps finally hashems shabbos goy faith
will save their spiritual heirs
in time for the anti-christ.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Protestant Cross

    Cross of resurection
    proudly displayed:

    ode to the triune.

    Christ not needing the cross as crutch
    left for the throne.


              he smashes the crucifix,
             defeating death and hell.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful  

    2:05 AM

    Destabilizing The Middle East

    Making it easier for dictatorships
    and continual authoratarianism.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Boy Wonder

    GPS capibility cell phone
    Vigilante vigilence
    Hold the order
    Keep the chaos at bay
    Blacks wilding
    Large immigration gathering
    No ones the watchmen of the park
    I guess youll have to be
    See you at the vigel

    DAY 2
    Hiding in the bush

    Day 3
    On stackout

    Staying for masturbation interval

    Day 5
    Now mad from liaison

    Day 6
    Hoping to kill christ

    Day 7
    Observing the resurection

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

    (This was inspired by the T.V. show 24.)

  • Mahershalalhashbaz

    After the wreckage
    look forward
    to the prophetess's son
    allways a consolation
    from the hum drum mishaps
    of the cliched everyday.

    ©  S. Wesley Mcgranor a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Heavily Armoured Two - Ned Kelly's Revenge

    Vengeance is mine sayith the lord...

    Ned kelly badly wounded from being repetatively shot in the legs
    squats in his armour shield
    and waits for them to run out of bullets.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful  

  • Heavily Armoured

    Christ be my armour & sheild...

    Ned Kelly
    out the front door
    and in your head -
    You know what time it is.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • World War 2 part 2

    ... Perhaps first neo-conservative effort of/for western expansion?

     © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful  

  • World War 2

    HaShems wrath
    or Papal glory.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Sin No More

    Christ not hard to find
    but to a sinner
    a needle in a hay stack.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • The Honor Of War

    Shinto kamikaze
    Last hurrah for the sammurai
    Chosen people holy state
    Methamphetamine injection


    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Noahides

    Gentiles realising
    the only way
    to oppose the Jews
    is believing in God
    and studying Tanakh.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • The Goyim Songstress Sings In Vain

    Deep inside down town Manhattan
    Lies the Jews
    And the Sean Hannity show
    Wanting to change
    The days of F.D.R.
    Now calling themselves Republicans
    With proressive policys 

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • The Black Caucasion

    Getting thier wish
    Ethiopians and others
    get reclassified.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful  

  • An Insult To The Prophet

    The real mohammad is elijah
    Fooey to that caucasion fake of the arabian peninsula
    I cant wait till the jews, guardians of the abramamic tradition
    Inhabit the house
    That imaam is giving away
    To the person that kills a writer that insults the prophet mohammad

  • Papists

    Realising they're a government
    Each diocese a installation
    Interfering with church and state relations
    Allegiance to a monarch
    They do not denie it

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Thanksgiving

    The holiest of holidays
    as we give thanks
    for Virginia Dare.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Hispanic

    The dominion of spain
    or an extension of.

    © Whitey Lawful  a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Reincarnate Christ

    Halie Salasie
    another variant
    killed by allah.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor  a.k.a. Whitey Lawful 

  • Safely With Iran

    Nuclear weapons
    thier only collateral
    400 billion
    spent on iraqs funding islam
    for a spectacular send off
    removing the united states
    from the planet
    sending them to the jews
    safely with iran.

    © S. Wesley Mcgranor a.k.a. Whitey Lawful

  • Kingdom Of The World

    Kingdom of The World

    Devour the Anglican Church
    it has expired
    then the Lutheran
    they are fulfilled
    digest the Orthodox
    you are well feed into your homosexual priesthood
    where they suffer the vice of celibacy
    there they mourn
    having been tempted
    as they mourn
    as they themselves have been crucified of the flesh
    the self inflicted wound
    yet not risen
    barely alive
    until greater gain
    of seperated brethren
    then the imitation christian church will be born again.

    Death and hell
    will conquer
    as antipappas
    feels the sting
    my reward
    for piety
    i shall savour.

    As the phenomenon
    taking the sword to its minions
    while those of lesser faith and piety
    dream of rapture...

    Let me recieve the sting
    so that i may have honor
    the charlatan pleas
    having served the anti-christ
    they want a second chance
    guided by an exultation not of the Lord
    chance beckons choice...

    the sword that smites.
  • © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Indulgence Of The Dead

    Indulgence Of The Dead
  • As the crown is put on his head
    he invokes mamman
    with the flesh of the alterboy
    he is veiled
    sitting on a throne of saint Peter's cross
    he is not worthy
    so upside down
    he hangs.
    This king
    of the infallible
    he invokes
    in the potters field
    lies the dead popes'
    each one past the schism
    awaits their ascension
    with Mary
    pray for them
    oh faithful
    overriding the doctrine of free-will
    and predestination
    for the theological doctrine of lives expired
    as you join them
    in piety.
    Take the buried bones
    in hand
    as fetish
    reciting the proper prayer
    arise oh dead
    to live again
    eat my flesh
    drink my blood
    i am your christ.
  • Taking the crown of thorns off, Christ is no longer suffering and humilated.
    The wounds have healed, as man has been rebuked.
    Your pain and humiliation is self-inflicted...
    your piety
    scarred flesh
    your gratitude
    for attonement
    you refuse
    invoking the sentiment of Satan
    hoplessness and despair
    as another prayer is made to Jude - patron saint of the Papist
    'come to their assistance
    never ceasing to honor thee'.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Hear Oh Israel, Your Lord They God Is One Ride

    The Hear Oh Israel, Your Lord They God Is One Ride
  • One
    of contridictory cultural contributions
    as they interprit themselves
    as glory to them the hashem-creature
    this diasporic, rebellious culture carnival
    wanderers' seeking shelter
    while performing for meals
    bruised teat parades in the mid-east
    hoping the third temple feature will be here in time for the whole circus.
  • Bury the dead
    on the road to perdition
    following the next man
    the caravan
    fills the wide path
    as the path to salvation
    is nearly free from traffic.
  • © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Cult Of Multi-Cultural Schizophrenic Personality

    The Cult Of Multi-Cultural Schizophrenic Personality
  • Chain me
    to the jew
    so i may follow them
    to the world to come
    where i will be no equal
    yet now i will work for the cause of equality
    such inclusion of their ideology
    the temptation to foreign culture
    since their cultural autonomy is not sovereign
    it will be
    by you
    Regulate me, my culture, and system
    for your benefit
    collapse my nation
    for yours
    then i will exult your personality.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Traffic Toward Rome

    The Traffic Toward Rome
  • Thinking they'll meet Jesus in the air,

    they argue of the length of the interval & the place.

    Settling for vatican 2's purge of peter.

    They realise they've been misled,

    Heading for golgatha,

    they do meet Jesus...

    Whom is amung the traffic toward Rome.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Organ and The Hymn Meets Contemporary Noise

    The Organ and The Hymn Meets Contemporary Noise
    I like Traditional Churches,
    because i dont like to worship with non-believers...

    Sing a hymn of piety
    as the organ/piano invokes Christ's grace
    telling us we must conform to him
    hear the obediance lord, we praise you not profane.
  • Sing myself a song
    as god sings to me
    comtemporary band

    this god - man.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • I Am Thankful For...

    I Am Thankful For...

    Savages that joined civilization, we homage and give thanks for them - leaving tribe and chief; as pilgrims bid farewell to kings and welcomed indians to liberty.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Playing Themselves For Stupid

    Playing Themselves For Stupid
    The insecure man
    approaches that wich he touches
    like its a phallus.

    they fall
    to their knees.

    You and your homeboy.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Dreaming in Israel

    Dreaming in Israel
    Come out
    From the destruction
    Of your beatitude
    Done in their name
    Watched in yours
    The chosen
    Must profane

    For the Jews

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Ode To The Great Idol Of Pop-Christianity

    Ode To The Great Idol Of Pop-Christianity
  • Servent of men
    worshiper of man
    the idol
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    is your everything
    in matters of faith.

    Lord judge by the content of character
    not the color of skin.

    As Martin Luther King Jr.
    ascends to heaven
    in a higher sphere.

    Pray threw him
    to god
    filtering piety
    at the one-world church
    of ecumenicalism
    where man forsakes Christ.

    Judging themselves by the color of skin
    and not their character
    they condemn themselves
    vowing never to judge again
    ye god.

    Exult my race
    not my ego
    as if we were all genetic equals
    of a collective personality
    not responsable for ourselves
    but for eachother
    as if we are all judged
    for another man's sin
    to the fourth generation
    and beyond
    bound to the legalism
    of a Jewish christ
    whom has yet to be

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • A Free-Will Baptist Ponders

    A Free-Will Baptist Ponders

    The wages of sin is death. As man makes his destiny by free-will and choice, man looks to his neighbor for guidance, while Satan awaits mans action, still man awaits God's action.

    Satan and Man are not responsable for their enviorment, since God wont stop them. Free-will compels them. Choice makes others follow or not. To and fro in free-will, as many walk this world for choice. "Broad is the road that leads to destruction, narrow is the path to redemption."

    Lord make the choice for me, since your will is infallible.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Catholic And Calvinist

    If only Luther would have waited, there would of been no need for him.*

    *Referring to the counter-reformation.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • A Sovereign Goyim's Prayer

    A Sovereign Goyim's Prayer
  • Sovereign lord
    whom knows kings are worthless
    as man installs another one
    in homage
    of forsaking you.

    Such authoritarianism
    as they never heed liberty
    refusing autonomy
    in their stewardship
    awaiting a king
    to rule them.
    Still an example of free-will
    as choice is made
    bypassing God's wishes
    on an empty thrown.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Civil Right Activism

    Civil Right Activism
  • Burn down property
    for social justice
    the civil disobedience
    of oppressive law's
    welfare state nationalism
    waving the black flag...
    by liberty by law's destruction.
  • Patriot of the managerial state
    the Jews support your inadequacy
    by big government ethic
    in regards to self-government.

    Contempt of the whitemans autonomy
    the social worker clerics
    is your mutual aid
    by force you have met.

    Interraicial marriage of christ's racial atonement
    not division
    bring the social equality
    of flesh's oppressive letter
    for the circumcision
    of gnostic heresy
    at the government's integrated church.
  • © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Community Standards

    Community Standards
  • Pornographic speech
    of no bigotry
    you offend
    by free-market
    since bigotry has no market
    discerning whitemen are no commodity.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Average Man In Search Of Morality

    The Average Man In Search Of Morality
  • ... complex, phobia and/or insecurity.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Calvin At The Casino

    Calvin At The Casino
  • Providence
    guide me
    as i forsake you
    since time is standing still
    i await you
    pick me
    i know i'm going to win
    for hoping
    fate in your randomness
    perhaps by chance
    will bestow its favor upon me...

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • James 2:19

    James 2:19

    Even the demons believe in God... share their faith?

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Social Equality's Lament

    Social Equality's Lament
  • Whitemans heaven
    is liberty by law
    a blackmans hell
    oppressing by license
    still not equal
    as the law
    into arbituary enforcement
    for equality's sake
    or none at all
    at least in spirit.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • To My Fellow Sovereign Goy

    To My Fellow Sovereign Goy
  • A shabbos goy
    i wil not be
    for some pervert Westerners' and Israelis'
    damned diversities exclusion
    the way of The West
    desegregate the sexes
    and show their breast
    kill the babies, lest they expose
    sexual repression is intolerant towards pornography.

    Still an amelekite
    that cannot be blinded as to not see
    the vitiate that surrounds...

    I will be free
    so long as Israel is inclusive and global
    yet they still might make a servent of you
    as God is in the clouds awaiting mans' choice... for intervention of blessing or wrath.

    Dark is the light
    of the nations
    thanks to God's revolations
    of tribes so ignoble
    without a king.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Dumbed Down Racial Lesson

    Dumbed Down Racial Lesson
  • ... 'because of the color of their skin'.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Say No To Drugs

    Say No To Drugs
  • ... and yes to the social reality of a drug culture.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Exploring Other Cultures

    Exploring Other Cultures
  • Farther east they eat the dog; mans best friend.

    In the mid-east they eschew the dog; western man.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Moderate Islam Says

    Moderate Islam Speaks
  • The radical Mohammedan refuses to be incomplete, thus lacking conviction, principle in their dismantling.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Angry White Males

    Angry White Males
  • Now content due to 'politically correct' legislation ... hate speech and racial intimidation.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Majoritarian Ethics

    Majoritarian Ethics
  • Using societal shunning, in an attempt to reform by peer pressure.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Hispanic Tea Party Member

    The Hispanic Tea Party Member
  • At the Department of Labor public service announcement regarding Mexican workers...

    Understands that the incentive is cheap pay for under-the-table labor, since a forsaken tradition, the citizenry rationalizes themselves.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Mexican Culture

    Mexican Culture
  • Whether legal or illegal immigration, mestizo, white, or indian... Mexican culture 'migrates'.

    on the fenceline

    there the seedlings grow
    from neglect

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

    • Closed Minded

      Closed Minded
    • Not engaging
      in promiscuity;
      his mind
      is made up.

      Moral evaluation
      is affirmed
      while those open - go full empty, configuring less.

      © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Your Papa

    Your Papa
  • Veil of flesh
    Man of sin
    This perdition
    Now smiling
    After millennial pompous expression
    Or lightless snear
    At least welcoming

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Light Of Zion Refuse

    Light Of Zion Refuse
  • Orthodox like pictures
    Papists statues
    The Protestant the word
    Leaving the Evangelicals with the refuse...

    Heirs of zionism
    Light of ecumenicalism
    Revisioned, reconstructed
    Luther who died
    he was

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • White Privelage

    White Privelage
    ...Take the liberty.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Happy Law Enforcement Day

    Happy Law Enforcement Day

    ... neither Calvin nor Jew.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Christ As Nihilist & Escapist

    Christ As Nihilist & Escapist

    "I'm going to believe God is in control"* of mans stewardship.

    * Said by preacher of popular christianity.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Greed


    The free-market speaks in it's gangster capitalist dialect... spread the wealth.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • To Helen Thomas

    To Helen Thomas

    Retiring due to the Jews and their supporters not valuing liberty...

    Understanding the historical context
    of the diaspora State
    and the regional stablity of the mid-east
    means an anti-semetism free from pagan origin.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Laissez Faire

    Laissez Faire

    In the mathematical equation of the (L)ibertarian you'll find an eroding nation-state in a borderless one-world of consumer choice. Where self-government and personal responsibility are liberated by Government and Wall Street. Paleo-conservative carry the former economy on your back, its not your delinquent system... as the free market speaks.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Observations of the Post-Modern Law, of Degenerate Police #666

    Observations of the Post-Modern Law, of Degenerate Police #666

    Regarding zero tolerance for themselves...Quotas have spoiled his/her discretion. He/she becomes arbituary, thinking he/she is the law. He/she uses the general public as guide, becoming despotic in their enforcement.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Dr. Phil Speaks No more

    Dr. Phil Speaks No more
    "Its natural instinct
    To be drawn
    To the power figure"

    In this authoritarian pop-psychological job preference.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Dreaming in Israel

    Dreaming in Israel 
    Come out
    From the destruction
    Of your beatitude

    Done in their name
    Watched in yours

    The chosen
    Must profane
    For the Jews

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Moses Is Their Favorite

    Moses Is Their Favorite
    We are
    a new testament

    Our Christ's
    white robe
    was stained,
    by the blood
    of torment
    at the hands of your law.

    Your law giver i do not recognise
    as moses
    never entered the promise land:
    you will not free yourself,
    from the law...

    You have established.
    In homage
    of quail...

    Your prosperity doctrine.
    Your courts.
    That raise your children...

    From the dead
    of a culture
    of broken law.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Uncontained Hashem

    The Uncontained Hashem
  • HaShem of the philistines
    Turn your world around
    To Israel
    For more devistation

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Liberty

    ... it's a white thing.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Inside The Synagogue Of Satan

    Inside The Synagogue Of Satan

    Sell your soul
    for failed ethics
    that never-do-well
    test giver of God
    by the hiding
    first century
    and now
    still looking for the greater ordinance.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Sting Not Piercing Armor, Shield And Sword

    Sting Not Piercing Armor, Shield And Sword
    Lord dont descend
    for mans sake
    as they
    for yours...

    The Anti-Christ already here, and sitting on a throne in Rome. Making one-world plans with Israel. To save himself, and this world.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Goodbye Liberty

    Goodbye Liberty
  • I'm not free if another man isn't'*

    *Jew at the Civil Rights Movement

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Archie Bunker Realises At The Bar

    Archie Bunker Realises At The Bar
  • The kids
    prefer socialism
    for past sins
    done in liberty...

    of the white man
    his reason
    for inequality
    and disclusion...

    Provided for
    by the plot
    of the damned...

    Socially engineered
    of the white-commie
    that sees himself
    as sin.

    Wanting chaos
    of Natural Law.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Steward of the Earth

    Steward of the Earth
    You have built a civilization, of liberty,
    your culture & character, now exposed as evil.

    The god of Karl Marx and Martin Luther King,
    has judged you...
    For two generations
    you've sacrificed
    your flesh
    and shed your blood.

    Now this third generation is closer,
    to bone and grave...

    Steward of the earth.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Tempest of the Natural Order

    The Tempest of the Natural Order
  • Christ
    A natural disaster
    has wrought destruction
    the collective sin of man
    has come
    to claim its bounty
    the black cultural rite
    it's tribute
    in Haiti.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

    • Thankyou Luther

      Thankyou Luther

      ... for all that you've done
      for the Lord
      buttressing his religious authority
      pastor eternus
      his continual comeback
      from that wich you dismantled
      your work in pious sincerity
      infallible is what you are.

      © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Neo-Conservatives Are Socialists

    Neo-Conservatives Are Socialists
    They address issues in the socialist world view,
    claiming a way --
    around it,
    or their compatibility.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    "Upon this rock i will build my church." - Jesus

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • The Euology Of Melissa

    The Euology Of Melissa 

    She didnt want to seem racist so she participated in social gathering with the negroes. She was gangbanged at a hiphop party. Blunts were provided by 'black' men with certain delinquent posturing. That night there was arguing among the negrillos over who was a bitch and punk. Well, they raped her - too rough, and she died of blunt trauma to her head. She was raised to embrace promiscuity - yet she new better ,but felt the isolation in public school and pop-culture. It had lead her to believe that she shouldnt judge, or that her peers might think that she thought - she was better for going against her principles; still being purged or made depending on how much she gave in vs. how much she resisted.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Nazi Skin

    Nazi Skin

    At the prison
    have the 'nationalist' rally,
    where the historical reinactment is of jewish propaganda, and white counter-culture homage.

    In the Hitler Hole
    they fell.

    On crank,
    they die...
    as soldiers of white supremacy.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Cross Purposes

    Cross Purposes
    So pro-black.
    So christ like.
    Your new martyr.
    Of old.

    Happy Martin Luther King Day...

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • For Harry Reid

    For Harry Reid 

    from negro
    among amalgamation
    the pretended ambiguity

    Caucasians know

    and what negro is.

    Why can't negro know
    who they are?

    Because we already knew
    and so did they.

    Thus the purpose of such deconstruction.

    post-modern man
    make them
    as abstract
    as you

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • A Womanly Interest

    A Womanly Interest 

    Semen ... atop a salad.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King
    I am apostle of the compromised Christ.

    Perfecting the lord by religious humanism, and black liberation theology...

    Dead you lay,
    as they

    The imposter apostle,
    that killed --
    The Church

    © Whitey Lawfulk a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • White Dreamer

    White Dreamer
    Look past your race
    to the remote and abstract
    made in the image of them

    Brother of dreams, i am supreme by nature, or innate personality, deconstruct me... to equality.

    ©  Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Special Populations

    Special Populations
  • White is law, black is crime.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • Voltaire In Court

    Voltaire In Court
  • ...with no more foundation for law.

    Since denounced as a key element of so-called white society.

    Adapting a sociological frame work...

    For the savages...

    I request to the judge that he step down...

    Or uphold that sacred tenant.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • New World Order

    New World Order
  • The moral upperhand, is clear. Don't they know our way's (was) better. It's about freedom... right (liberty or license)? With drugs and t.v. being the only Western institutions, traditional Western man is vindicated once again. With the C.I.A.'s help we'll dismantle their culture, and system by instituting (post-modern) Western character. Terrorism is built on gangs of drug sales, with resistence towards the nation building of The West's globalization. Not, that the terrorists are uncomprimisingly not wanting to kill themselves as the west and their license... Since (Western) pop-culture destroyed themselves, someone has to make the moral stand... in regards to one-worldism.
  • Johnny works fourteen hour days
    pays the mortgage... anyway
    he doesn't understand
    he's fallen western man

    Johnny lives in the middle-east

    where western man brings his destiny
    he may, or may not understand
    he's fallen western man.

    © Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

  • An imposter uses my name.