Friday, November 16, 2012


The condition of our faith is horrible. Profaned by carnally subversive odes to The World. Blaspheming Christ as a never-do-well. While man is blinded to himself. Claiming duty to preach to the postmodern on their terms. Degraded in naivete goes stewardship spreading the gospel. There is no one in the Western hemisphere that has not heard of Christ and not been invited to join him. Which means individuals purposefully reject him. Surely your lofty Calvinism knows better then to rationalize that. While our denominational (Catholics have more collateral damage.) institutions compete for a rationalization of their postmodern existence. Yes we use that term in a concrete non-academic fashion... the Lollardy. In your isolated scholar in an ivory tower mode the bureaucracy doesn't notice; while they dream of election and grace. Cultivating vain imaginings of intellectual theory. Lutheran, Anglican -- all in spiritual warfare with the Papist. Deceived to blindness in Ecumenism's affairs. At a loss of the Priesthood of All Believers/Common Priesthood. Anti-Catholic and anti-Judaic-- were devoted. Equally they are in disdain for an indignation divinely against them.  And in postmodern fashion that realization is no longer valid. Here me Aquarius new age? I am bigotries exclusion and intolerance. With the Magna Carta -- civil servants yield to their master. Of that same blessed Christ spirit so doth the cleric. Behold Western man your guilt was to no avail. The Church has already been established despite us. As you will soon find particular Africans and Asians extolling the Protestant faith. If only you'd recognize your heritage ye Anglican Communion. Indeed all of Protestantism.

 Praise Christ in liberty.

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King John, nobles and bishop of Canterbury at the Magna Carta.



                                         John Badby

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