Saturday, July 14, 2012

Subterfuge Mohammedan Anti-Christ

 The Roman Pontiff, a half-way mark, or single representative of the over-all Vatican. For whatever reason seemingly--yet not actually dodging the actual meaning as -- every Papist (an imperial term) -- as Anti-Christ ( Abomination-desolation, See of Satan). This due to them (not me and the dead) living under or in the shadow of Protestantism. For five hundred years constructing themselves (not i nor the dead) along Protestant guidelines. Constructing such features as baptism i.e. an indelible mark as 666, the Pope the anti-christ and over-all Church a whore. A logical evaluation; yet the Ghost is not with them anyway (The postmodern Church) now to decipher our vastly understood, yet(now) unwritten theology in Satan's postmodern era: death of history, tradition and reason (not an advocacy of failed Natural Law tributes to Napoleons conquest).. A church is of course spiritual and not some abstract or remotely defined realm. Now the counter Church is deconstructing(since the Counterculture) to construct a Mohammedan king,dictator-- single figure based on the failings of half-way analysis. Yet even an inclusion of all of Mohammedanism is hinted upon as a whole of the subterfuge scenario. This disguise to disguise, the popular false prophecy. This is very pronounced among what i term: Evangelical Judaizers and Judaized Catholics that has conceived the Mohammedan as such for Israel (not the Church) worship. While what i term: the Rationalized Ecumenist who is an imposter of faith without Christ's spirit (or perhaps a remote or abstract spirit of Christ). Engaging in revisionist deconstruction and more intellectual theory propped as faithful expounding. They deem spiritual lawlessness to be what it is not, and spiritual lawlessness as epiphany unto those that are subterfuge, or ultimately insignificant.
 The Antichrist imposes itself as a 'Christian'. Or else, of course, it cannot falsely be believed to be God. Let not Satan and his minions hide in prophecy(or perceived...). As Satan and his Church, so hope, to have their time appointed, and one last final climax.

By the power of Christ, you have been exposed Satan.

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