Friday, March 11, 2011

The White Protestant Church of America

The White Protestant Church was dismantled by the spirit of the 60's. On the mistaken assumption that Christian civilization was a White rite-of-passage and that Blacks were better with their own church. Protestant civilizational practices and traits were dismissed as White traits. Even though some Whites did not share certain aspects. Due to Catholicism being left in the dark? liberty was considered foreign to Catholics and non 'w.a.s.p.'s. Yet the Black Church remains; as do others. Remains of a afrocentric irreligion pillar, where Western piety was white supremacy...or imperialism. That affirming of ones Christendom and his/her relation is 'social justice'. No doubt abated by slavery and Southern negrophobia. I encourage all White protestants of America and surjoiners to pick up their cross and reestablish their churches on the premise that Christianity was not so-called eurocentricism. Nor is afrocentric fantasy and fraud an expression of ones culture in Christ. So many are now lost in a flood of communist and racialist misconception. Starving at the postmodern church and looking to Israel with-or as new & improved in a Judaic cultural order. Their postmodern plight a move upon themselves as history culminates in deception. The contrast of culture and character and its correlation with church is no upset to the body of Christ -- as we are stewards and have a cultural rite -- social and spiritual liberty. Perhaps more traceable and applied in Anglican history then any other Protestantism (on the stolen grace of common law as England was of course Roman Catholic at its inception).

Martin Luther King Jr. is standard representation of the black church. Long praised for his one-world message, the inherent socialism of his further activism is a component of the black church. The near non-existant and further drastically declining white church - was more of autonomy -a growth of American Protestantism. The distinctly American black church; remains an example of/and purports socialist tendencies. Liberty in Christ is all of Christendom (Trinitarian standards apply) regardless of race, yet the historical epistemology is what i am referring to. Due to past disenfranchisement.

At the postmodern churches you can find one-world ecumenism. The spirit of such inter-faith ecumenicalism is none other then the counterculture guru 'MLK'. Tradition is buried as man calls to his fellow man at the heights of Babel. Out of the bejebus movement of the damned spirit of the 60's is the social justice christ and his partners of liberation theology. If Christ has a face let it be seen in any other culture but Western and specifically American--where such a cultural representation still survives in fantasy on the walls of the pious.

The fact that the counterculture dismantled Protestantism and gave us interfaith ecumenicalism and Vatican 2 with their ecumenism. Shows that American and over-all Western Protestantism was supreme and in the way of Papist and Jewish domination. Where are the once standing Protestant chuches? Built from their ashes is the postmodern Evangelical Church wich not only prays with the Roman Pontiff (providing He yeilds) but with Israel as well. If i said pick up the cross your parents and some of your grandparents buried -- i'd be a reactionary -- wich i am.

There are six Catholics and three Jews on the supreme court. There will never be a traditional Protestant--let alone white one--again. Pray for a miracle and work for the preservation of the previous system - dear Protestants' for the withering Republic.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Paleoconservative View of the Mid-East

Purged or changing course -- the new world order hangs in the balance of the Mid-east. May the inhabitants of their respective culture and tradition assert their autonomy, and perhaps even mold a hegemony that one-worlders may find concerning.  The West did not preserve their culture and its traditions. Yet Western society wants to interfere with another culture to achieve stability for their fallen own? Is this the doings of neoconservatives, commies, Evangelical and Jewish groups behind the scenes?

Society is without a...

1. Law -- unless it is some never ending statute law.
2. System -- unless it is a bankrupt Capitalist/Free-enterprise system...That seeks to bankrupt globally. Due to certain trade practises and credit.
3. Faith -- unless it is Israel. (or the ecumenical hope of 'coming home' to a supposed mother church)

 The saught Caliphate: that is a Shi'ite precept--is the equivalent of the Evangelicals saught return of Christ within the rapture theory. In regards to the potential conflict. Though the terrorist groups mentioned in the news are behind the scenes of the upheaval, are a threat to us. They acting on behalf of their societies, and the societies themselves, understand us to be a threat as well. No matter how neoconservatives attempt to define the mid-east; the mid-easterner is not Western man. As a consequence: they seek to preserve their system and culture by opposing those against the preservation of their system and culture. When Western critics use the phrase radical Islam or Muslim extremist--it is one that connotates the West's inablity to apply a faith they lost to the secular, which in other words means 'moderate'. Do you think a faith lasts--or is relevant, when it is not wholly practiced? So the West popularly calls for the dismantling of the Mohammedans faith--as it is upstaging theirs for a lack of one. Broadly Western Man would like to preserve a culture and system dead by its very nihilism and postmodern fancy. Even though Europes own ideology and forfeiting of their culture and system -- for a notion of equality -- had lead to the immigration and cultural infringement taking place.

 In the United States of America -- we Americans know better and we also are not connected or close to the geographic area of the Middle East.

 I urge you to understand that there is a cultural contrast between traditional (marginal-reactionary) American culture and certain aspects of the Mid-East. There is also commonality--as in whom is the only other culture opposing globalization?  A void is left by such a contrast. What is going to fill that void? When a paleoconservative is just as vehement in opposing actual Mohammedans--whom the neoconservatives call radical. Wanting a secular abyss to enfold the world for nihilistic freedom is the goal of the neoconservatives and even Libertarians. We paleoconservatives do not want an influx of Mohammedans, for the same reason those who were Protestant did not want Papists here--imposing their Government and its religion. Only that the Mohammedans are not going to be magically converted; or eventually wind-down to secular or moderate standards. But alas we are part of a cultural strain with no true place in the system: This is a Masonic nation. Not fully seen until its Christian culture died ( Protestant). Now do not expect as a Catholic to fill the void. You have been hiding and suppressed too long(write off the anglo world because of this).

 Having stated what i have stated -- the conclusion could only be -- who has the upperhand? ...Unless a drastic change in policy takes place.

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