Thursday, November 17, 2011

Protestantism: In An American Context

The (white) mainline churches have become oblivious due to their secularization. As one pastor said at a local church "they lost a lot of members to the Ethical Society a few years ago". The black protestant church remains fairly steady. Although due to cultural traditions rooted in governmental disenfranchisement and social marginalization, liberty is not so much emphasized. Yet our common culture demands it. For without such our mutual character is at a loss--or not complete in ones affirmation of such. At the non-denominational churches where anything goes-- goes reason and tradition down the postmodern drain. These mega-churches are --for the most part-- the historical church's churches replacement. While mestizo immigrants bring a heretical Pentecostalism; of which their tinged recovering Catholic selves/souls seem to mock. As the Asian faction in the local mainline church practices a segregated gathering, free from the others Wednesday gathering and bible study; due to a supposed cultural distinction that was forsaken by the rest of the denomination. In contrast with such cultural contrast is individuality, culture (not racially induced), then the ever concerning regard of race. American culture falls to a globalized concern. At the usual head of this is the nation-state of Israel. Accompanied with an indifference towards Rome. The Protestant ordainment: to resist and reject the Papacy -- is lost to an unfortunate ecumenism -- a legacy from the countercultures one-world indifference -- not Christian unity's call. One aspect of this is Martin Luther King's speech seeking such, where indifference becomes unity as a path to freedom for the negro. Well black America -- look -- to Africa and see the difference. Tribalism is a sin. As native whites realize their distinction from Europeans--not blinded by an ethno-racial correlation. In true cultural unity come to our cultures cross--free from discontent--of which Christ has set you free. 


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